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For Sale - QLD Personalised plates bearing the letters “MACAN” and "MACAN S” $4,000 each or both for $6000.

I bought these plates when the Macan was first named as the next Porsche model to be made some years ago and before PPQ knew the name of the new Porsche. They’d have been auctioned by PPQ otherwise. It was my intention to buy a MacanS but that would have meant I had to sell my 911 (997) and well, I still own it. While I believe some plates bring a great deal of money Id be happy to sell them to another Porsche owner for around what I paid. They are new / never used. Priced this way to get my money back, but I think they are worth much more, so no negotiations please. Someone will be thrilled to see these come up for sale. 


Craig 0417753442


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