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Porsche Club of Queensland Membership Director


The Membership Director

  • has overall responsibility for maintaining the Porsche Club of Queensland’s (PCQ) Membership Register in accordance with the PCQ Constitution, Policies and By-Laws.
  • manages all the activities related to membership, including applications, register maintenance, enquiries and reporting.
  • acts as a Committee Member to assist in the management of the direction of the Club and its activities.
  • is elected by PCQ Members and is responsible for representing the views of the PCQ Members.


The Membership Director's responsibilities are:

• Produces the PCQ Membership Application Form;
• Attends Committee Meetings as a Committee member;
• Presents PCQ Membership Applications to the Committee for approval;
• Provides the PCQ Treasurer with any membership fees collected for deposit into the clubs accounts;
• Maintains the PCQ Membership Register, containing at least the name, contact details, car details and financial status of each member;
• Organises production of the PCQ Membership Card, and PCQ Stickers;
• Issues one PCQ Membership Card and one PCQ sticker to each Financial Member each year;
• Notifies new PCQ Members of the acceptance of their application;
• Provides PCQ Members with Certificates of PCQ Membership as required;
• Responds to enquiries from members in relation to their membership details;
• Makes a register of all PCQ Financial Members available to the Committee at regular intervals;
• Makes a list of PCQ Financial Members mailing addresses available to the Magazine Editor;
• Makes a list of PCQ Members and Interested Parties email addresses available to the Newsletter Editor;
• Recommends the amounts for the PCQ joining fee and annual PCQ membership fees, for approval by the Committee, for the next financial year, no later than the June meeting;
• Maintains a register of PCQ Financial Members present at the Annual General Meeting;
• Presents a report including the number of PCQ Financial Members at General Meetings;
• Presents a report including numbers of PCQ Financial Members by type at the Annual General Meeting;


The Membership Director ensures Porsche Club of Queensland’s Membership base is kept financial and contactable, and works with the Committee for efficient management of the club.

Contact Email:     STEVE VICK

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